Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Rall Challenge: Another Gauntlet is Thrown

Ted Rall continues to define away any possible examples of lefty vitriol is his rightwing challenge. Apparently, in Rall's world, the only possible example of 'progressive' hatred is a threat so specific that the time, date, and location of the assault are sent to law enforcement via FedEx. Folks, spend five minutes cruising the comments at the Daily Kos or the Democratic Underground and tell me these guys aren't the most hateful bunch of miscreants on God's green earth. (Rall also gives us a new e-mail address, suggesting that perhaps we were too stupid to use the old one. D'uh, Mister Rall, I no can use this e-mail do-hickey - how I supposed to enter? Heh- heh- heh...).

I predict (and it's a slam-dunk, Mr. President!) that Rall will, at the conclusion of his challenge on Monday, ignore such outrageous examples as PoliPundit's latest and declare that while he finds dozens, hundreds, nay, thousands of daily examples of specific, violent threats from Republicans, we could only find a handful. Well, fantasy always trumps reality for a certain personality type, and if the shoe fits...

, in typically forward-thinking fashion, issues a counterchallenge: find examples of positive, uplifting statements about our country being unified in the goal of a better tomorrow. I'll take the opportunity to answer this latest challenge with this entry from one Saddam Hussein. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes. Really. Go on - read it!

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