Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Downing Street Memos Redux: Are They Real?

AJ Strata and Captain Ed have been blogging pretty heavily on a confession by reporter Michael Smith, who first obtained the Downing Street Memos, that they aren't originals (he destroyed the originals, he said, to protect the source). I'll refer you to them, for now, as I feel fairly confident they are genuine, but admittedly, have not examined the new allegations. Why do I feel strongly they're accurate? Because, as AJ says, they are so innocuous. As I've stated before, there's nothing in these memos that the whole world didn't know, and know at the time, to boot.

If this was a media conspiracy, it would be the most poorly drawn out and executed conspiracy to date; however, as I said, I've not had an opportunity to look into things much, so kudos to AJ and Captain Ed for bringing this strange behavior on the part of Smith in focus.

UPDATE 7:08 p.m.: Kevin Drum is throwing cold water on this one, and I believe, as stated above, that he's right. There are too many principals involved who haven't questioned, or indeed have confirmed, the authenticity of the memos. Kevin suggests Rathergate nostalgia, and perhaps he's right...

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