Monday, December 13, 2004

Economic Affirmative Action Revisited

I posted a few days ago on a better alternative to race-based Affirmative Action. I was very pleased to find the issue mentioned today on the WSJ's OpinionJournal web site. The list of schools to embrace the economic model include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, Williams, Indiana University, and the state universities of Wisconsin. This is good news, indeed. The Journal's editors, however, speak of rumors that Alberto Gonzales and Margaret Spellings may not embrace this model; I join them in hoping that isn't so.

The article mentions some organizations devoted to this issue: they include the Center for Equal Opportunity (headed by another Nannygate victim, Linda Chavez); the Center for Individual Rights (Terence Pell, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education, is CIR's President); and the National Association of Scholars (advisory board members include Jeanne Kirkpatrick and Irving Kristol). Looks like this issue's not going away any time soon...

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