Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Alexander, the Thanksgiving Turkey

It looks like Alexander may be the bomb of the year (and that's saying something with The Alamo and Home On the Range and the other Disney stinkers this year). People are really ripping on this one (see here and here and here). Colin Farrell can be pretty likeable sometimes (see Minority Report), but he looks pretty ridiculous here (and when was the last time Angelina Jolie was in a decent movie?). More to the point, why the studios keep giving money to Oliver Stone is beyond me. Stone is the major studios' answer to Michael Moore, a leftist conspiracy monger who had a heyday in the 80s but has turned into a cash sinkhole lately (Any Given Sunday, anyone?). Anyone thinking of seeing this should make a U-turn and head into the Incredibles instead, judging from the reviews. (And a tip of the hat to Instapundit.)

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