Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Random Walk Down Blog Street

Still wondering if Kerry gave up Ohio too soon? Well, wonder no more....

Now that Rather's gone, can't someone get rid of Helen Thomas? (hat tip to Dirty Harry)

I've posted a little on Oil-For-Food. Here's a great site with all kinds of good information on this scandal (and the hat tip here goes to Lorie Byrd at PoliPundit). I called it a scandal bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined, they call it "the biggest scam of all time".

And finally, in another Oil-For-Food item (can it possibly get any worse?), Captain's Quarters notes that the U.N. is proposing that the now free-from-despotism Iraq pay for the investigation of all the money they stole from them when they were still under Saddam's thumb...boy, thank God for the U.N., huh?

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