Monday, December 20, 2004

Required Reading

I highly recommend this article by Victor Davis Hanson in National Review on the credibility of the left. He has four recommendations:
  1. Don't use the 'Islamophobia' excuse to avoid condemning terrorism and hatred.
  2. Get over the use of 'imperialism' where it does not apply.
  3. Wise up to the scandalous behavior of the UN.
  4. Find some new heroes.

The whole thing is great, but here's my favorite excerpt:

Whether we call such notions �political correctness� or�progressivism,� the practice of privileging race, class, and gender over basic ethical
considerations has earned the moralists of the Left not merely hypocrisy, but virtual incoherence.
Democratic leaders are never going to be trusted in matters of foreign policy unless they can convince Americans that they once more believe in American exceptionalism and are the proper co-custodians of values
such as freedom and individual liberty.

In the words of the InstaPundit, indeed...

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