Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ted Kennedy - Our Long National Nightmare Continues

For Ted Kennedy, Vietnam has never ended (reminds me of another Senator from Massachusetts). Today, he again railed against our Iraqi policy, saying Iraq was George Bush's Vietnam for, what, the thousandth time? We are forced once more to ask where are the bleeding hearts of the liberals where the tyranny of Saddam is concerned? Why aren't more of them on our side here? Most disturbingly, has the need to demonize their political opponents replaced their good will towards their own nation and its servicemen?

A few days back I praised Joe Lieberman as a Democrat I could admire, and today, he once again made me proud of that assessment. From today's hearings, first Kennedy:
...Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, said the war there has become "a catastrophic failure, a continuing quagmire" -- and he called Rice "a principal architect of our failed policy." Kennedy said he believes Bush should be allowed to choose his Cabinet and that Rice has extensive experience and credentials. But he added, "In these continuing circumstances, she should not be promoted to secretary of state."
So, Teddy boy, Bush should be allowed to choose his own cabinet, and she's clearly got the experience and credentials, but you don't like our policy in Iraq, so you're gonna go cry in the corner. Now, Lieberman:

"Our responsibility is to determine whether the nominee is fit for the position ... and whether the nominee, in our judgment, will serve in the national interest," Lieberman said Tuesday. "Dr. Condoleezza Rice meets that standard at least and much more."

Thank God at least one senator still understands the concept of advise and consent.

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