Thursday, December 09, 2004

No Social Security Crisis? You Could Have Fooled Me

The Radical Left just loves to have their cake and eat it, too. The ability to believe in two opposing ideas simultaneously is no problem for those wearing ideological blinders (War is Peace, Love is Hate, Ignorance is Strength) . We were told in the campaign that President Bush wrongly outsourced the Afghanistan War, but we should turn Iraq over to the United Nations. We were asked who would be the last to die for a mistake, by those who recommended more troops. The latest doublespeak comes on Social Security.

I've already commented on Paul Krugman's most recent screed, and today Donald Luskin has some more thoughts at National Review. Krugman and most other liberals would now have us believe that the Social Security crisis has been invented by pro-privatization forces, after years of claiming otherwise. Luskin has the goods on Krugman's prior crisis warnings, but you see, that was before it became clear that George Bush plans on ensuring real reform. As Luskin rightly notes, the sudden appearance of the 'non-crisis' meme is a sure sign both that Bush will succeed, and that the Left is frightened by the prospect. Why? Because the essence of socialism is control by the 'collective'. Give a little freedom to the taxpayers through partial Private Savings Accounts, and the next thing you know, they might just want to control all of their money...and that would be the end of the Social Security bureaucracy.

Look at this page from the Democratic National Committee and contrast its assertions with this laughable post praising Krugman's editiorial (he's AN ECONOMIST! - guess what folks, I have a B.A. in Economics myself). This would all be another shining example of Democrat-inspired hilarity if it weren't for one spotlights a dangerous trend - the wish for political gain at the country's expense. If only the war would go badly, if only we had a serious recession, if only we didn't reform social security - who cares about the consequences, WE'RE LOSING ELECTIONS HERE!!! Someone should just shut the doors on the Democratic Party and start from scratch...anything would be better than this.

Very soon, we'll take a look at privatization in action with a real-life case study...

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