Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Seeming Victory for Democracy

You never say never, and we have seen firsthand the danger of putting too much faith in exit polls, but it would appear that democracy has prevailed in the Ukraine with the almost certain election of Viktor Yushchenko. In the midst of massive fraud allegations concerning the initial balloting, this was the most heavily monitored election in history.

It goes without saying that the pro-West Yushchenko was blasted as a tool of the United States and opposed by the 'Progressives' who are so, so deeply concerned about counting every vote when a candidate they oppose is elected. The first Ukrainian election was full of genuine fraud, not the fantasy Democratic Underground kind, but the American Left were too busy fighting over Ohio in a futile attempt to avoid facing the fact that John Kerry was a complete flop outside of Hollywood and New York to get too involved. Besides, didn't Putin oppose the evil Bush's Iraqi folly? And since the unabridged right to have an abortion anyplace, anywhere, anytime was not an issue, really, what was all the fuss?

Of course, we all know the Republicans are the cynics, and the 'Progressives' are just full of kindness and tolerance, so I expect to hear their shouts of delight with the triumph of the democratic process that has just taken place...umm, guys? Daily Kos? Talking Points Memo? Democratic Underground? Atrios, um, Eschaton, um, whatever the hell you're calling yourself now? anybody there? Must be a bad connection...

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