Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Predictions: Daily Kosians vs. Me

Our 'Progressive' buddies at the Daily Kos say 2005 will be the beginning of the resurgance [sic] of the Democratic Party, people-power style. (Spelling is not the strong suit of the 'Progressives'). Wasn't that Howard Dean's campaign slogan? Say, whatever happened to that guy? He was so, um, presidential and stuff. Here are some of the highlights of Kos's comments section from that post, with my snarky comments in italics:
When Clinton was in power, there was a sure feeling among us that our President was smart - and knowledgeable - and that the world would be okay - he went to Ireland, and you just knew that after he spoke to the Irish, things would go better for them - the same way with Israel and with the Palestineans (sic) - you knew that there were still tensions, but that things would be better - everything had a positive, rather than a destructive, ring to it. Clinton was a real politician - nearly a JFK - and not quite an FDR, but close. - dmligon

Ahh, yes the golden age: the nation dominated by a sex scandal rather than pursuing terrorists. And yeah, you're right, he completely solved that whole Israeli-Palestinian thing with his groovy vibes. Thanks, Bill, for being such a role model (dmligon is right about one thing - he's no JFK - JFK's mistresses were old enough to drink legally).

A drink to paper ballots! and standardized election procedures across the entire country (wait! do I hear trembling knees and biting nails from the right?) - gearhead

gearhead, no, that's the sound of Republicans falling to the floor with spasms of laughter.

Happy New Year to everyone -- may we wash away from our memories the nightmare of election night, and wake up revitalized to take on these knuckle-dragging, wingnut fascists. - pamindurham

Yes, pam, that's the simply must take on the knuckle-dragging, wingnut fascists in the Democratic Party, then you might have a chance - what's that, Pam? You meant people like me? Oh...well,'s some reading material to get your New Year's off to a better start.

My New Year's wish is that ever time a Democrat gets in front of a camera and talks about terrorist and al qaeda [sic], he/she begins the conversation with one of the following:
the right wing radical group al qaeda
the radical religious group al qaeda
the right wing fascist group al qaeda
the right wing religious fundamentalist group al qaeda
Come on Dems! Get started linking al Qaida
[sic], the Taliban and their American counterpart the Republican Party. - weswing

Yes, weswing (cute name - did you think of it on your own?), that is my wish also. Of course, I say that as someone who wants to see the Democrats lose every election for the rest of my lifetime, and comments like yours assure me you guys are well on your way.

Cheers to All for an enlightened new year
here is to the liberally
loudest new year ever
Scream On -

YES, missliberties, YES!!! That is what will bring us knuckle-dragging fascist red-staters back into the Democratic fold - more liberal screaming!
Well, so much for the peaceful, rational 'progressives' - now here's my New Year's predictions:
  1. The Iraqi elections will take place in January as scheduled, not without problems, but in a generally safe atmosphere.
  2. By the end of 2005, we will see movement again on the front of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.
  3. The Dow Jones Industrial Average will hit 12,000.
  4. Kofi Annan will step down in March, ostensibly for personal reasons.
  5. I will find many more amusing things to mock on 'Progressive' websites.

Welcome, 2005 - I have a feeling we're going to get along just fine...

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