Friday, January 21, 2005

The Time Has Come To Choose Sides

Alright, Juan Cole, listen up. You, too, Markos Moulitsas Z�niga. And yeah, Josh Marshall, I'm talking to you, too.

The Kuwait News Agency has reported a beheading of an Iraqi policeman in broad daylight in front of stunned onlookers. It's time to stop the moral equivalency game. Abu Ghraib was a disgrace, but in no way comparable to the barbarism inflicted by the terrorists in Iraq (Minutemen, indeed! Shame on you, Michael Moore...did the American founders behead anyone? Would they have done such a thing under any circumstances? You disgust me....).

The elections in Iraq are days away, but you'd never know it from perusing our Leftist brethren. So I want to know...years from now, when Iraq is a free society, when Baghdad is a prime tourist spot, when the world asks, whose side were you on, what will you say? I know that criticism of our Iraqi policy is not tantamount to treason - I'm not a fanatic foaming at the mouth. We're in it now, though, for the duration, and absolutely major events of worldwide significance are literally upon our doorstep, and I'm tired of your silence.

If you root for the defeat of our Iraqi policy out of spite, because of your hatred of President Bush, and your unwillingness to accept the results of two democratic elections, then you root against the Iraqi people. You root for the people who believe that beheadings are an acceptable way to make a political point. You root for continued death.

All of you 'progressives' keeping track of the coalition deaths, and the deaths of Iraqi civilians, don't you realize your counters would have stopped moving months ago if it weren't for the terrorist 'insurgents'? Don't you realize the Iraqi people are yearning for freedom, and that 80% of them plan to vote in 9 days?

I don't reject your right to dissent from this or any administration's policies, but we are at a historic point here. I think the time has come for all pundits, bloggers, and politicians, left and right, to get things in perspective, quickly. If you believe in your heart that the entire Iraqi War is the most foolish and dangerous thing ever shoved down America's throat, and I know many of you do, don't you at least hope for its successful resolution? Or are you so blinded by your politics that your moral compass has malfunctioned?

We'll be watching you guys closely in the next few days. Give the Iraqi people your support; it's not about George W. Bush and the 'neocons' anymore - it's about freedom vs. terrorism.

(Hat tip for the KNA story to Ramblings' Journal via Backcountry Conservative)...

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