Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Times Continues Its Assault On Religion

Clearly, the NY Times editorial board has decided to push the culture war to unheard of extremes. How else to explain yet another high-profile editorial, this one the first 'revamped' Frank Rich piece, slagging red-state religious nuts?

A sign that you are dealing with a fanatic is that conversation always drifts back to one subject. Ironically, in constantly decrying the fanaticism of the religious right, it is the Times itself that displays the most reckless fanaticism. Read the Rich column, and notice how many 'touchstones' he hits, despite their complete irrelevance to any recent events: the Left Behind series of books, Mel Gibson's The Passion...this is last summer's news, but Rich has a point he wants to make, never mind that he makes it week after week after tiring week.

I have met Baptist preachers who talk about religion less than the New York Times does. I wish I had a subscription just so I could cancel it.

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