Sunday, April 10, 2005

Why We Fight

Those who think that the lack of stockpiles of WMDs made the Iraq invasion morally wrong should consider this report. I've said before that I think the WMD argument was played too heavily, and I stand by that. Still, there is no doubt that in a world where the U.S. had shown less resolve, where France and Russian held sway in the Security Council, that the sanctions would have been lifted and Saddam would have cranked up the WMD production programs again.

There is no greater nightmare than a terrorist organization with nuclear weapons. We must keep the pressure on North Korea and Iran in the strongest possible way. It's almost too painful to contemplate a nuclear missile hitting NYC; 9/11 was horrible beyond belief, but the destruction from a nuke - well, even the possibility cannot be tolerated. John Kerry and George Bush found rare agreement in campaign '04 on the most pressing issue facing America: they both said nuclear proliferation. They were right.

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