Friday, August 05, 2005

Ken Livingstone: Stay Safe Through Appeasement

When a Ken Livingstone opinion piece appears in the Guardian, you can fairly well bet that you're about the in the presence of some grade-A nonsense. Livingstone, the lefty mayor of London, gives his prescription for a safe populace:
Acceptance that the invasion of Iraq increased the likelihood of a terrorist attack on London now extends far beyond the usual suspects - from Guardian writers to MI5, Douglas Hurd, the Daily Mail, the Spectator, and a majority of the British public. Jack Straw has also acknowledged this debate. If the invasion of Iraq had been justified, it would be possible to argue that we must bear the sacrifices necessary to achieve a just outcome. However, it is evident that the war in Iraq was not justified. It has made the situation worse. The illusions with which it was launched are collapsing. we go again. Does Livingstone not realize that the terrorist demands, as stated this very day, go far beyond a withdrawal of troops from Iraq? Does he not agree that foreign policy decisions in a democracy are the province of elected representatives, and not mass murderers? The apologetics of the Leftists for terror grow more wearying by the day...

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