Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Public Service Announcement of Sorts

This post has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with what makes America great. Sgt. Juan Salas of Manhattanville College has put together a pen pal program called My Soldier. There's a $10 registration fee to cover costs, I'll tell you up front, but come on, now, that's less than a CD...and it makes a huge difference. Here's Sgt. Salas:
Active U.S. Army Sergeant Juan Salas, a naturalized US citizen originally from Venezuela, served for almost two years in Iraq, where he saw active combat duty and was commended for his part in saving the life of a child.

His mission was to "win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people." "It was long," says Salas. "But the thing that kept me going was getting letters. From kids, boy scouts, students. A letter was like a piece of gold. Something you will keep for the rest of your life." When he got back to Manhattanville College, he wanted to help his fellow soldiers still serving overseas.

Do me a favor, and think about it...you just might make someone's day, someone that's putting it all on the line for you and me...