Monday, February 07, 2005

JFK the Sequel - Part Two: Prologue and Opening Credits

JFK the Sequel


The scene opens with a close-up of the lit end of a cigar; the camera pulls back to reveal the cigar belongs to George W. Bush. He is sitting in the Oval Office with Karl Rove, who begins to laugh with the controlled hilarity of the maniacal. Bush joins in the laughter; the camera pulls back further to reveal a large mound of cocaine on the President�s desk. Rove stops laughing long enough to pick up a copy of the Constitution off of the desk; he then proceeds to roll it into a tiny straw and bends over the cocaine. We zoom in slowly to a large close-up of Rove�s nostril, then fade to black as we:

CUE MUSIC � Bruce Springsteen�s No Surrender

The opening credits alternate with spinning newspapers, interspersed with scenes of Eric Alterman, star journalist, looking intently over Google search results while sitting in his pajamas and eating Ben & Jerry�s. The first headline, from the New Washington Times Post Intelligencer, reads:

Exclusive! Alterman Discovers Long-Lost Section of Constitution Banning �Religious Nut-Jobs� from Voting

It�s Authentic, Say Experts, Rather

Bush to Invade Cuba

We then switch to Jayson Blair, editor of the New Washington Times Post Intelligencer, eating cavier and watching The Real World over an opened newspaper. He grins broadly and reaches for the fifth of Jim Beam on the coffee table.

The next headline spins into view:

Gavin Newsom Appointed Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court

Immediately Issues Ruling That All Families Must Adopt One Gay Child

Newsom: �I�m Coming For You, Rove!�

Bush Mobilizes Troops Near Canadian Border

As the last credits roll, and the song begins to fade, we see dynamic John Forbes Kerry, conferring with Markos �Daily Kos� Zuniga over videophone, while hang-gliding off of Mount Rushmore. As he drifts over the storied sculptures, the camera catches his Gallic profile, in line with the four existing stone busts�

Stay tuned for more!

JFK the Sequel - Cast and Crew

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