Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Must Be Doin' Something Right...

...because the Democratic Underground is calling me a jerk. Referring to my Weekly Jackass on Keith Olbermann, Catchawave posts:
I hate to give the jerk attention, and not even sure if we even want to include such freepin' drivel in our group? It did give me an idea for a segment....

Which would open with a series of bowling balls going down the gutter! Sort of like our Hate Mail bag...only Keith would read hateful comments about him from the internet, and reply to it with all his glorious snarkalicious charm.

I know O'Reilly likes to respond to critical emails on his show, but he's so hateful....the freepers love that. What the freeps hate, is being teased

Oh well, I just never could understand why people dedicate blogs and websites to being so darn negative. Guess that just proves they can't handle the truth
Actually, I think I'm pretty positive most of the time...but hey, to each his own...I stand by the original column, the Weekly Jackass concept (oh, and it's Wednesday, so we'll have a new one this evening), and I welcome any and all dissenters, as long as (as I've stated many times before) you keep it relatively go ahead, reply to me, Keith, with all your 'glorious snarkalicious charm'...I'm a big boy, I can take it.

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