Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Bipartisan Anti-Inflammation Pledge of 2005

Charles Rangel is a disgusting hack. That's old news, of course; what's new is his latest contribution to irresponsible rhetoric, and it's a doozy. First, Bush=Hitler, then Gitmo=Gulag, and the latest contribution to moonbat math is Iraq War=Holocaust. No, really...he actually said that.

As part of the ongoing campaign by the Coalition of the Chillin' to stamp out rhetorical excess, I propose a pledge for all politicians, journalists, and bloggers:

The Bipartisan Anti-Inflammation Pledge of 2005

Preamble: In the course of human events, there was this truly terrible war that took place and humanity saw deep down into the abyss. There were two outright lunatics who killed millions, and one of this monsters even tried to exterminate a whole race. Ever since then, when anyone wants to REALLY make a point, they bring up these slugs.

Therefore, I pledge for the length of my public career:
  1. to never compare a politician to Stalin, or a prison to the Gulag, unless millions of said politician's countrymen have been starved, murdered, worked to death, or otherwise killed, for the sole purpose of establishing a worldwide revolution or in the service of Communism.
  2. to never compare a politician to Hitler, unless said politician has dissolved Congress, usurped power totally, murdered political opponents, attempted to rule an entire continent through invasion, and instigated a war that has engulfed the entire world.
  3. to never compare any event whatsoever, anytime, anyplace, to the Holocaust, perhaps the most evil event in humanity's lifespan.
I pledge these things in memory of the untold millions who lost their lives in the bloodiest of all wars, that their memory may not be cheapened by momentary political theatrics.

Pledged this day of June 8, 2005, by Mark Coffey, Decision '08.

There; what's so hard about that? How about you? Will you take the pledge?...

UPDATE 9:52 p.m. central: Notice that number one above actually permits comparisons of North Korea's regime to Stalin and the gulag...Kim Jong-Il meets all the criteria! (Well, he does now, at least...I added a clause about Communism to the end of number one)...

...and I'm most beholden to the great Lorie Byrd of PoliPundit, who was all over this story hours ago, for the link, as well as the great Arthur Chrenkoff...and a big thank you to the lovely and talented Michelle Malkin, as well...

...and a belated thanks to the lovely and talented Abbi Tatton, and the, *cough*, ahem, esteemed Dr. Shackleford, as well...

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