Monday, February 28, 2005

The Ted Rall Challenge Ends: A Postscript

Ted Rall has a final post up on his challenge, and once again, I give the man credit for his honesty. Rall admits to disgust at the amount of hate speech we uncovered from the left, and I'd like to say again how stupid it is to engage in that kind of garbage from this side, as well. I engage in a bit of name-calling here and there, such as the Weekly Jackass series, but I try to make fun of actions and words, and not people per se...but never, ever, under any circumstances, should we wish for the death and/or pain of our political, like Rall, I consider the challenge a done deal, and I thank him for giving us an opportunity to be heard. I still don't agree with quite a bit of what Rall says, but his handling of this challenge has, indeed, given me a bit more respect for the man. So, kudos, let's all get out of the gutter, and onward...

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