Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Today's Must Read: Deconstructing the Daily Kos

I highly recommend this truly excellent article by Dean Barnett in the Weekly Standard on the Daily Kos and the �progressive� infestation of the Democratic Party. I have argued on many occasions that the Democrats must break ranks with the Kossacks (I�ve been calling them Kosians, but hey, apparently, they prefer this moniker) and other radical influences if they want to return to national power. The selection of Howard Dean as their party chairman was not a good sign in this regard.

Barnett likens the Kos community (for it really is that, more than a blog) to a meeting of a Ward committee. He admits the Kossacks wield real power, but:

�the Daily Kos also has many of the negative characteristics of a Ward committee: The excessive passion, the intemperate remarks, and the strange world views of people who obsess about politics.

Barnett details the conspiracy theories and rumormongering, the pathological tendency to label Karl Rove the evil genius behind every imaginable event, and the complete lack of civility and decorum. He concludes:

Moulitsas has long been associated with Howard Dean and was instrumental in Dean's ascension to the DNC chairmanship. This ascension came only days after Dean proudly proclaimed that he "hated" Republicans.

If Moulitsas has his way, the Democratic party will allow its "inner ward committee" to be viewed by the world at large. Moulitsas is probably comfortable with this possibility--the Kos community shows the highest regard for the most passionately strident commentary and has little regard for common decorum. The Kossacks seem to believe that if they could just be heard by the entire country, the Democratic party's losing streak would come to an end.

And Custer probably thought that if he could just get the Indians to come out and fight him at Little Big Horn . . .

Read the whole thing�

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