Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Word on That Banner Right Under My Blog Name

John Kerry, in his disastrous Meet the Press appearance following the Iraqi elections, pledged to sign a form that releases his military records to journalists and historians. Since Kerry has never really ended his campaign, it continues to be an issue. You can search far and wide without finding a word of disparagement of Kerry's military service coming from me. I don't like what he did after the war, but clearly, he saw combat in Vietnam, and God bless him for it.

Something's starting to smell, though, and Kerry can clean out the stench by signing the form. Not doing so inevitably leads to speculation along the lines of 'What's in that file that he doesn't want us to see?'. Kerry only adds fuel to the fire with wild stories of crazy activities around the Cambodian border, stories that have been seriously questioned by those with far more knowledge of the situation than I.

One of the few things I admire about Kerry is his willingness to go to war for his nation. This is a simple request, and it can easily be done - so, John, what's the delay? And for that matter, why wasn't this done a long time ago, during the campaign? It's time to come clean; if there is something in those records, better to say so now than later.

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