Thursday, June 09, 2005

Decision '08 Makes CNN Again - And Dem Blogger's Got It!

Dem Bloggers is a self-described group of Democratic and progressive activists, and I think you all know my general attitude toward progressives. I'm gonna make an exception here, though, and highly recommend their site, and it's not just because they have the video of Decision 08's second CNN mention of the week (it was for the Bipartisan Anti-Inflammatory Pledge of 2005, this time).

Now, it's great that they have my mention, and even greater to hear my blog's name from the lovely Abbi Tatton, (and I looked for the first one- dang it, it's not there!), but if you take a minute to look around the site, there is a plethora of great video. Like Trey Jackson on the right, Dem Bloggers will quickly become essential, I think, for offering the opportunity to view clips that you might otherwise miss, so give 'em a visit (be nice!), and thanks for the video clip!...

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