Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coalition Update: One To Go...And Our Newest Member!

So, now Brown is confirmed, and Pryor is moving forward. No surprises will be interesting to see what follows after Pryor. I don't think it means the Coalition was on the wrong side if the Dems immediately go filibuster...I think it will take a while to see, if they do go back to old tricks (I suspect they will), what the political fallout will be. For those who doubt our cause, though, I would simply ask - how many controversial judges were confirmed pre-deal? Let see - zero, was it?

And speaking of the Coalition, we have gained another member. Please join me in welcoming Pros and Cons to the fold. While you're at it, I encourage you, as always, to pay a visit to a couple of random Coalition members and keep the love going...

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