Thursday, August 11, 2005

Able Danger, Everywhere!

It's starting to feel like a blogswarm...thanks to utron, AJStrata (read his latest Able Danger news here) and Greg Bullock (whose latest delicious takedown of MoDo can be found here) for pointing out these links from Little Green Footballs, Captain Ed, Rick Moran, and Dr. Sanity, and just for good measure, I'm throwing in the great Tom Maguire. The upshot: people are really excited about two possibilities:
  1. Was the Atta connection left out because it interfered with the Commission's conclusions regarding Mohammed Atta's (alleged) trip to Prague to meet with Iraqis?
  2. Does Sandy Berger's inexcusable destruction of documents relate to Able Danger?
There is a third possibility, much less exciting: perhaps Atta's name was not passed on because it was one of dozens or hundreds or even thousands uncovered in the data-mining. Regardless, I stand by my earlier call for congresssional hearings. Let's get it all on the table and see where it goes...

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