Thursday, August 11, 2005

This Is News?

The quest to unearth something that might derail the Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts is becoming increasingly desperate. Today, the Washington Post gives big play to this blockbuster:

Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. once urged a previous nominee, Sandra Day O'Connor, not to tell members of Congress how she might vote in cases likely to come before the court.

In a memo written on the eve of O'Connor's Senate confirmation hearings in 1981, Roberts -- then a senior aide to the attorney general helping prepare her -- told her that answering such questions would create an "appearance of impropriety" because her answers might be seen as prejudicing the outcome of cases not yet argued before the court on which she would serve.

Sounds like good advice to me...

Meanwhile, in related Roberts News, the AP is reporting that the nominee once made bunny ears behind a grade school teacher, and, on three seperate occasions in 1982, secretly gave dinner table scraps to his then dog, Muffin...

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