Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hugo Chavez: Promises Destruction of U.S., Marvels At New Ocean-Front Arizona Property

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised a group of students that the U.S. will 'bite the dust' if we implement the long-rumored Venezuelan invasion that is the clandestine center of our global neocon strategy:
Chavez said late Monday that the U.S. government, which "won't stop caressing the idea of invading Cuba or invading Venezuela," should be warned of the consequences.

"If someday they get the crazy idea of coming to invade us, we'll make them bite the dust defending the freedom of our land," Chavez said to applause.

He spoke during the opening ceremony of a world youth festival bringing together student delegations from across the world and convened under the slogan "Against Imperialism and War."

Chavez called the United States the "most savage, cruel and murderous empire that has existed in the history of the world."

Chavez, who maintains Ringo was the 'really talented Beatle', also spoke to the assembled students about his alliance with Santa Claus, saying his intelligence-gathering operations are second to none: "This guy, he sees you sleeping, awake, whatever - he's got the goods."...

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