Friday, February 25, 2005

Rall Changes the Rules, but the Challenge is Met

Ted Rall, no doubt overwhelmed with examples of left-wing moonbat ranting, now says only a violent threat to specific political or media personalities (Rall laughingly must consider himself one of the latter) counts towards his challenge (and then tries to cover up his Little Green Footballs snafu with the new rule that comments count). He then says (and I don't believe it for a minute) that the challenge has yet to be met.

No matter: if he continues to say it, you know he's lying, 'cause I got your quotes, Ted, plus links.
  1. Kelly Hagan, responding to a post entitled 'Bush Should Not Be Assassinated', responds that 'an event like this [the assassination of Bush] could be just what this country needs'.
  2. Fernando88: 'I want to kill George Bush...but that's an understatement.'
  3. smilingyoukia: 'OK, I believe George Bush should die...'

Oh, but that's fringe stuff, you say; you won't find anything like that on, say, the Daily Kos...oops!:

I dislike junior's stupid, arrogant, ugly chimp-like demeaner soooo much that I change the channel any time, I mean anytime, I have the misfortune on seeing him or hearing him on TV or radio. The word hate is to mild a word to define my dislike of the punk. I would gladly watch though to see him hurt and laugh as he stated[sic] crying. I'd like to see him in pain even though I'm an animal loving[sic], non violent[sic] atheist. Junior is a bad, bad, bad man.

Okay, okay, that's one on the Daily Kos, but surely there weren't anymore...oops:

Best thing about the "personal" hate you talk about is the day one of those people dies. Leaves the living. Never again to require any of your energy. Poof! Gone.
Memorable, memorable day.
The relief is scary enough to make you realize how terrible hate really is.
I work very hard to avoid it now.
Though I'm saving the red dress I was gonna wear around town after Kerry's victory for W's funeral week.

Then there's this gem aimed at Hindrocket of Power Line:
Reading Hindrocket's slanders and looking at his f***ing spoiled, preppy face, I had fantasies of meeting him on a public street and kicking the living s**t out of him until the only thing his face resembled was a raw pulp of bloody meat.
Peaceful bunch, these lefties...and Rall, you're not kidding know this stuff is out there already. And please, quit lying and saying the challenge has not been met. I just met it.

UPDATE: Thanks to the mighty Instapundit, most fair and judicious (and really, just plain handsome!) of beings, for the link, and you also should check out, if you haven't already, these responses from PoliPundit, RightWingNews, and Q&O, as the wise 'he-we-call-Glenn' has suggested. Oh, and it looks like Rall has had enough; the email address bounces and his blog has been knocked offline. Hot enough for ya, Ted? Don't look for any kind of concession, however.

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