Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More Calls For Kofi Annan (and the UN) To Go

Thomas Bray argues that Annan was pulling for a Kerry victory and used his influence to that end by declaring the Iraq war "illegal". Roger Simon calls for Annan's resignation and says the UN should post its books on the Internet for all to see. The Instapundit himself calls for Annan's replacement with Vaclav Havel in the Wall Street Journal (Havel's appointment would definitely make a statement) (hat tip to Tim Blair, who thinks Saddam would do a better job at this point).

On a related front, I recommend Joshua Muravchik's article in the November Commentary for "The Case Against the UN", unfortunately hidden behind a subscription wall on the website, William Rusher asks "Is the UN Worth Saving?", and Tony Parkinson says "The UN Faces Its Biggest Scandal".

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