Monday, November 29, 2004

Strange Happenings in North Korea

By far the trickiest situation facing the administration at this time is diplomacy with North Korea. Some very strange reports have been coming out of that area lately. As you undoubtably know, North Korea is of a piece with Cuba when it comes to personality cults. Far more troublesome are the reports of the horrible conditions inside the country. However, it appears that Kim Jong Il's grip is slipping (although it would be premature to say he is dead or out of power). Other sources, however, indicate there is nothing to get excited about. Many have made the argument that Bush is a hypocrite for removing Saddam and negotiating with Kim Jong Il; I am of the opinion that the difficulty of diplomacy with a nuke-armed maniac was the best argument for going after Saddam. This story will be interesting to watch...

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