Monday, November 29, 2004

Sampling the Blogosphere, Post-Holiday Edition

Jonathan Chait has a hilarious take on the Dems and Decision 2008 that is full of great lines and insights. The column is at its funniest when it takes a look at a possible Kerry re-run (Kerry will be the subject of my 3rd candidate profile very soon), comparing "Kerry's contribution to his own campaign to an anchor's contribution to a boat race". Hey, remember those great glory years of the Democratic party when Al Gore took the reigns of power following his close defeat to George W.? You don't? THAT'S BECAUSE IT DIDN'T HAPPEN...note to Kerry: the reason the Clintonistas remain so strong is the man WON TWO TERMS! Catch a clue, Johnny Boy...

My blog is still playing to a limited audience, seeing that it is all of a week or two old, but some day I hope to experience the joy of the Instalanche. This site has some interesting observations on how to make it happen. I've held off on submitting anything to the Instapundit yet, however; in the words of Mr. Burns, 'Patience, Monty, climb the ladder..."

UPDATE 12/04 11:00 a.m. central: I did get that Instalanche with my post "Homophobia Among the 'Progressives'". Over 6500 unique visitors the first day...I must say it was a lot of fun.

Oil-For-Food Update: Niles Lathem reports on growing congressional anger and refers to Oil-For-Food as "history's biggest financial scandal" (hat tip to the always valuable Friends of Saddam site for this story as well as a link to the remarkable Kurdish Regional Government page, a great resource for Oil-For-Food stories).

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