Friday, June 03, 2005

Ben Stein Has Gone Insane...

...that's the only conclusion I can draw as he once again repeats the incredibly slanderous accusation that W. Mark Felt has the genocide in Cambodia on his hands for revealing the shenanigans of the Nixon White House.

Ben, get it straight...Nixon didn't just lie; he sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks by leaking word to the South Vietnamese negotiators that he was going to win in '68 and urging them not to sign any agreements, thus prolonging the Vietnam War; he treated the federal government as his own goon squad, ordering FBI wiretaps and IRS audits on his enemies with no compelling national security reason to do so; and his mere 'lying' was an obstruction of justice in that it impeded federal and congressional investigations.

Look, people went to prison over Watergate; we aren't talking about a small matter. Whatever Felt did, and however you feel about it, his transgressions pale in significance to the betrayal of the public trust perpetrated by Nixon. And this is a lifelong Republican talking...

UPDATE 12:45 p.m.: Those who think I'm exaggerating Nixon's behavior during the '68 campaign re: Vietnam should read The Trial of Henry Kissinger by the great Christopher Hitchens (see my short excerpt in the comments).

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