Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tolerance vs. Surrender: A Followup

A few followups related to my earlier Weekly Jackass, suggested to me by Andy and AJStrata in the comments. The French, facing no end of trouble with integrating their growing Islamic population into their school system, have been experimenting with various approaches. France's inspector-general of education conducted a study, and found, in so many words, that compromise was impossible:
Interestingly enough, the investigators found that the schools most effective in dealing with the problem of Islamization were the ones that completely refused to tolerate it. Because of this finding, the Obin report recommends a policy of "no compromise with Islamist demands."
Of course, no one expects Chirac's weakened government to follow anywhere near so hard a line.

Don Surber
has some further thoughts on selective outrage that ties in nicely with some recent themes in these parts, and Scrappleface, as is often the case, uses humor to absolutely knock the ball of out the park. More great humor on the subject from the Therapist...

Best of all, though, is the great Victor Davis Hanson...

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