Thursday, June 02, 2005

John Kerry: Democrats Can't Be Heard Over Right-Wing Noise Machine

Jeff Jacoby takes a shot at my favorite punching bag today with a story on how John Kerry is reviving the myth of 'the vast right-wing conspiracy', even if he doesn't have the courage to name it as such. Jacoby rightly pooh-poohs the notion that conservative think tanks and rich Republican donors have an untoward effect on the national discourse; in fact, as Jacoby points out, the accusation is far more accurate when leveled at the Democrats. See this excellent project by David Horowitz, Discover the Network (but take it with a grain of salt...I don't like paranoid conspiracy theories from either the right or left. It's an excellent informational tool, but it is less a proof of conspiracy than it is an affirmation that people tend to reinforce the ideas they already hold)...

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