Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Very Special Weekly Jackass

With the global media focusing, for the most part, on the fact that a U.S. soldier kicked a Quran (Koran? Who knows, anymore?), it's easy to miss the fact that it was Muslim detainees who attempted to flush their own Quran/Koran. That's it for me...I've been chillin' lately, talking about overblown outrage, and generally sounding like a moderate.

What's missing here, though, is the outrage. We were assured, as ugly Americans, that the Muslim Holy Book was had to wear eight pairs of gloves, a decontamination suit, and a tuxedo just to touch it, if I remember correctly. And when it looked like an infidel, an American infidel, no less - wait, check that- an American military infidel - had flushed one of these babies down the crapper, thanks to a poorly sourced story from good ol' Newsweek, there were riots. People were killed - it was a major atrocity! Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were never as evil as the U.S.! Well, I guess it's true - the Muslim Holy Book REALLY IS different.

Except it isn't. Because if it were really true, all that politically correct, culturally understanding crap that got forced down our throats, why, surely the fact that a MUSLIM desecrated his own Holy Book would bring out thousands in the streets, demanding his head. How outrageous! A Muslim - trying to flush the Holy Book!...but there's silence. Oh, that's not true,, there's plenty of noise - about somebody kicking a book.

At Al-Jazeera: Pentagon confirms Quran desecretion is the headline...NOT ONE DAMN WORD about detainees flushing it...

The NY Times: Might as well be the Al-Jazeera story...again, nothing at all about detainees and desecration..

Meanwhile, the lunatics at the Daily Kos have broken out the champagne, not because it was detainees and not troops doing the flushing, but again, because somebody kicked a book (anti-American Left? Naaaahhh....)...

So we have a group prize this week. The Jackass belongs to:
  • everyone who lectures U.S. troops on lack of respect for the Muslim faith while attacking the right of American Christians to have a political voice;
  • every hyena at the Daily Kos that thinks that reports that reflect badly on our military are a cause for celebration;
  • but mostly, every damn theocratic Islamic fanatic that's ever harmed a hair on the head of an innocent American, Iraqi, man, woman, or child, with your vile hypocrisy and evil butchery.
Disgust is far too mild a word for what I'm feeling right now (and, by the way, thanks to CNN for at least putting the detainee flushing in the proper light). Sometimes outrage has its proper place...

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