Friday, June 03, 2005

It's Put Up Or Shut Up Time

Coalition member AJStrata discusses an article in the Washington Post indicating that Bush is poised to send dozens of judicial nominees to the Senate. Those of us on both sides of the debate over the 'deal' will soon find out how the Democrats in the Senate plan to define 'extraordinary circumstances'. Although we're talking lower court nominees, it still seems plan that, if the Democrats plan to retain any credibility, they will have to move quickly on most, if not all, of these nominees. By definition, 'extraordinary' circumstances cannot become the norm. Any overuse of delaying tactics will signal, even to the supporters of the deal such as myself, that all bets are off; in such a circumstance, it's hard to see how the nuclear option won't be brought back to the table, with more support this time around. To be continued, to be sure...

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