Saturday, July 16, 2005

Et Tu, Tenet?

One reason the Plame/Rove story has legs is quite simple: everyone loves a good mystery (see Throat, Deep), particulary one that has multiple layers. That fits this story like a glove; the minute the 'Rove was Cooper's source' mystery was solved, new puzzles popped up:
  • Who was Novak's first source?
  • If Rove is truthful that he learned about Plame from journalists, which journalists?
  • And where did THOSE journalists learn about her?
  • What role does the 'State Department memo' play in all of this?
One aspect that few have picked up on yet is the story of Walter Pincus of the Washington Post, but Tom Maguire is on it, and he has a very intriguing, typically detail-rich post giving the case for George Tenet as the source for Pincus. Highly recommended...

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