Monday, July 11, 2005

An Update On That Press Conference

David Corn (curse you, Corn! How do you keep getting me to link to you?) has a good post up on that White House Press Briefing referred to below (apparently, he was a do you like that?) that names names as far as who some of the questioners were; of course, Corn was none-too-pleased at the stonewalling...and let's face it, stonewalling it was, and I said as much myself.

I'll state a few things in plain English: the behavior of the press was disgusting. McClellan was clearly evading their questions (and of course, he was instructed to; that's the way his job works). The reporters had a good point about McClellan's prior statements, though they beat it into the ground.

I've said on more than one occasion that Rove is becoming a distraction, and if he becomes too much of one, he should go. Well, he was a distraction today...a big-time, colossal, major pain-in-the-a** distraction. I'm not quite ready to call for his resignation; it's still a little early...but I'm starting to lean that way. Could anything make me lean back? I think it's time for Rove to issue a statement to the press, telling all he can tell, as well as he can tell it, or this thing is going to get out of hand, quickly...

UPDATE 11:12 p.m. central: The latest from the great Tom Maguire features the grudge match of Corn vs. Corn, followed by the main event of Corn vs. Wilson...and the winner is...well, go see for yourself...suffice to say, Maguire is taking it better than me. Best line: ...Evidently, Karl Rove has lost the backing of top Democrats...

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