Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong Again

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post does his usual sniveling best to demoralize everyone in sight with yet another tired anti-war screed. Why do these guys make the big bucks, I have to wonder sometimes...

Here's Cohen:
Washington is electrified with the abundant energy of buzz from a scandal -speculation about Rove, about Bush, about Cheney's aide, Scooter Libby. Who leaked? Who may have lied? How did Novak slip the noose? But the real scandal is the ongoing mess in Iraq, the murder just the other day of innocent children (is there any other kind?) and the false notion that, somehow, taking out Hussein would make us all safer. London gives the lie to that.
London gives the lie to that? Exactly how does that follow? That some young idots in Leeds gave their lives to kill the infidel, that's the proof? Pure would be just as well to say a cloudy day is proof that there is no sun.

Cohen does make a good point about Rove/Plame:
The law prohibiting the outing of a CIA agent is so restrictive that it has been applied only once and does not seem to fit this case. I find it hard to believe that Rove or anyone at the White House specifically intended to blow the cover of a CIA agent. Rove is a political opportunist, not a traitor.

Well said...

Meanwhile, Molly Ivins has truly knocked me for a loop; the cornpone hack has been big enough to come out and say she made a whopper of a mistake:
In a column written June 28, I asserted that more Iraqis (civilians) had now been killed in this war than had been killed by Saddam Hussein over his 24-year rule. WRONG. Really, really wrong...There have been estimates as high as 1 million civilians killed by Saddam, though most agree on the 300,000 to 400,000 range, making my comparison to 20,000 civilian dead in this war pathetically wrong. I was certainly under no illusions regarding Saddam Hussein, whom I have opposed through human rights work for decades. My sincere apologies. It is unforgivable of me not have checked. I am so sorry.
Nicely done, Molly...will wonders ever cease? And Richard, keep those hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis killed by the Butcher of Baghdad in mind the next time you tell me what a mistake it was to invade Iraq...

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