Friday, July 15, 2005

Who Leaked to Rove? Judith Miller or...David Corn??!!

Mickey Kaus has his response to the latest Rove revelations, and speculates on a possibility I haven't discussed yet; that Judith Miller might, in fact, be the journalist who told Rove about the Plame connection...Kaus says that possibility has many in the MSM worried, and the Instapundit says this does lend a little support to the 'Rove rope-a-dope' theory. Meanwhile, in the 'so delicious I worry it can't be true' category, Clifford May suggests Joe Wilson leaked like a sieve to David Corn, who then blew the whole thing open in an article in The Nation - oh, please let it be true! (though I doubt it is - not that Wilson leaked to Corn, I can definitely buy that - but rather, I doubt that this interpretation will get much traction - though his logic appears sound at first glance)...

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