Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Couple of Announcements

Well, it's been another record quarter here at Enron, and I just want to thank...oh, sorry, wrong set of announcements. Two things: I'm postponing the Weekly Jackass to this weekend, and thinking very seriously about moving it to the weekend every week (it's usually been on Wednesday up until now). The reason is quite simple; I just don't have enough time in the work week to give the feature the loving, devoting focus it deserves (some weeks, anyway), and I have a really good (by that I mean bad, of course) candidate in mind for this week's honoree, so I want to do him justice (there you go - it's a 'he'. That eliminates more than half of the population right there).

Also, just a plug for the blogroll...visit these guys and gals as much as possible, please...they're all doing great work, and they all would just love for you to pay them a visit. I'd hate to have to initiate a new policy, such as sending the name of folks who don't share the blogging love to Greenpeace as potential high-dollar donors - I think we all know how ugly that would be, so just help me out, won't you?

Alright...carry on, folks, as you were...

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