Sunday, April 17, 2005

That MoDo Mojo: Oil-for-(Yawn)-Food

Another fairly boring Dowd column went up yesterday, but buried near the very bottom we find the following (so is it too much to expect an apology from those on the left who saw 'Oil-For-Food', or as the Times hilariously usually calls it, just to be different, don't you know, 'Food-For-Oil', as just part and parcel of the vast rightwing spin machine?)
...Mr. Park has been charged with secretly collecting at least $2 million from Saddam Hussein for clandestine help setting up the corrupt U.N. oil-for-food program and carting away bags of cash from Iraq's diplomats in New York, partly to bribe a U.N. official.

Amazing...Claudia Rosett has been plumbing the depths of this scandal for years now, with little fanfare, and the likes of Dowd try to sneak in little asides like the one above, as if they had been on the right team all along. The gall...

An aside: When thanking my supporters recently for helping me get my first 50,000 visitors, I got Kill Righty's address wrong; here's the correct link, so pay him a visit, won't you?...

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