Monday, April 18, 2005

The Return of Hinchey: All's Fair In Love And War (But Who Said Anything About Talk Radio?)

Congressman Maurice Hinchey, charter member of the 'Karl Rove caused weeds to grow in my lawn' conspiracy club, is back with yet another great idea. Brian Anderson, author of South Park Conservatives, writes in the L.A. Times that Hinchey wants to restore the good ol' Fairness Doctrine to preserve a diversity of views. Because, you see, liberal talk radio network Air America (newly inaugurated here in Austin, and I literally don't know a soul who has mentioned it once) is failing miserably, and since the market can't provide a big enough audience for NPR and Air America, Congress surely can, right?...No word yet on whether the Doctrine would apply to public speaking and Rovian conspiracies...

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