Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Josh Marshall Is Right

Yeah, you heard me...that Josh Marshall, Mr. Talking Points Memo himself. I'm far from a fan, but he has a prescription for the Democrats that applies equally well to their counterparts. While engaging in the all-time favorite Democratic strategy of rethinking and remaking the party, Josh had an epiphany:

Today we hear Democrats asking whether they should take a hard line on Social Security or a soft line, stand in opposition or come up with a contending plan. Here's what I propose whenever Democrats have a question about just what stance to take on the Social Security debate.

One question ...

What is the actual policy outcome that would be most preferable on Social Security (to protect, preserve or augment it -- whatever) and how important is it that it take place in this Congress?

That's the first, second and third question.

That answer should drive everything else.

That's the smartest thing I've heard, politically speaking, in quite some time. To phrase it another, far simpler way (all apologies to Spike Lee): Do the right thing. Of course, what Josh thinks is the right thing, and what I think, are probably vastly different. Still, a party should announce publicly its basic principles, and then take policy positions that will further those principles. Sounds simple, but of course, the real world has a way of muddying the waters. Read the whole post, it's good stuff...

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