Monday, February 14, 2005

I Get Mentioned In - The New York Times???!!!

My post on the meaning of Easongate has received far more attention that I ever would have dreamed of - including this mention in the New York Times:
Some on line were simply trying to make sense of what happened. "Have we entered an era where our lives can be destroyed by a pack of wolves hacking at their keyboards with no oversight, no editors, and no accountability?" asked a blogger named Mark Coffey, 36, who says he works as an analyst in Austin, Tex. "Or does it mean that we've entered a brave new world where the MSM has become irrelevant," he asked, using blogger shorthand for mainstream media. His own conclusion is that the mainstream media "is being held to account as never before by the strong force of individual citizens who won't settle for sloppy research and inflammatory comments without foundation, particularly from those with a wide national reach, such as Rather and Eason."
Oddly enough, I happened across the link quite by accident. Needless to say, I'm flattered to be in the Times, but they didn't put the name of my blog or the link! This, despite giving Jeff Jarvis and Captain Ed some nice traffic. Ah, well, it's not every day you make a national paper, so I won't complain...

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