Thursday, February 17, 2005

Life Imitates Art (or Rich Imitates Dowd)

Frank Rich jumps into a magic time machine and posts his February 20th column today; amazingly, it is an exact replica of the Maureen Dowd piece I referenced earlier...who's copying who here, and why are both of you covering yesterday's news today? The Jeff Gannon affair is a complete non-story for those of us who aren't credentialed 'journalists' like the 'columnist' Frank Rich.

I suspect the glee the liberals get from the whole thing is partly forced joviality in the light of the real scandalous behavior of such luminaries as Eason Jordan. If you care to read about the Gannon story, you can find out more than you ever wanted to from the lefties - but here's the barest of sketches. Gannon is apparently a pseudonym for a guy with Republican ties who got to ask the President a few questions in news conferences. Oh, and somehow, he's linked to gay porn sites (see my earlier commentary on liberal intolerance). That's it - not quite accusing America's military of murdering journalists, is it? Yawn...time to move on, progressives...

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