Monday, February 14, 2005

Why No Link? I Smell a Rat

After buying the city of Austin's entire supply of today's New York Times, I returned home to find this article by Captain Ed, in which he says, and I quote:
NOTE: The Times also provides links back to the blogs it mentions. Nice touch; not all newspapers remember to do that.
Not ALL of the blogs got links back, Captain Ed! I'm starting to think I'm the victim of a vast left-wing conspiracy - one hatched in the deepest bowels of the earth by Maureen Dowd, Michael Moore, Eason Jordan, and Barbra Streisand - and what about you, Captain Ed? Et tu, mon capitan? Why haven't we ever seen you and Dan Rather in the room at the same time? Well, this is one voice you can't silence or buy out (but if anyone wants to try, I'd really like one of those giant screen plasma high-definition televisions)...

UPDATE 8:06 pm central: Well, Captain Ed was nice enough to trackback, so I'm officially clearing him of conspiracy charges...but if any of the rest of you thinks my silence can be bought, I also like late model sports cars, preferably of German heritage...

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