Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Word on Trolling

Much as I hate it, I've just banned the second person from commenting at this site. The first one was just a case of profanity-laced screeching - I'm not a prude, but this isn't that kind of site. God knows, if you want to call someone a nasty name, you don't have a shortage of places to do it - but you won't do it here.

Now, I quote Professor Stephen Bainbridge a lot at this site - I like his site, I like his views, I think he makes a good contribution to the blogosphere. You may disagree - and that's great. However, the person I banned has posted three or four times on here berating Prof. Bainbridge for being a Catholic (guess you gave someone a bad grade, professor - she's carrying a HUGE chip on her shoulder). If an atheist wants to get on here and give a good argument for atheism, or just wants to say I think religion is a crock, that's not a problem with me, either.

But I won't let it get personal. I ridicule a lot of 'progressives' on here, but it's because of what I see as outrageous political views (others would disagree). I don't ridicule anyone because of their sexuality, religion, gender, or any of that nonsense.

Thanks for your support - I've really enjoyed this blog immensely, and I hope you have, too - and I welcome any dialogue, and any dissenters - just keep it relatively clean and stay away from bashing someone just because they're a little different from you (there's that famous progressive 'tolerance' again)...

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