Thursday, February 17, 2005

Life, Why Do You Mock Me?, or Maureen Dowd Strikes Again

She's back, and (not worse, she already was at the bottom) as bad as ever. How this low-talent Bush-hater gets national column space is one of the true mysteries of existence, up there with 'action at a distance' and relativity. Maureen Dowd is to journalism as Corey Feldman is to acting. Is there (seriously, is there?) anyone in the country who says: hey, did you see that latest Maureen Dowd column? She really sticks it to Bush, doesn't she?

Sadly, I must answer my own query in the affirmative. This pathetic waste of space is today's most e-mailed item in the New York Times...I shouldn't be surprised. After all, people watched Sex and the City, too (a lot of the very same people, I bet)...

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