Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another Must-Read From Kissinger

Jeez, does Henry have a book coming out or something? I started the day with Henry, and he's already at it again (hat tip to Real Clear Politics). In a simply extraordinarily on-target piece in the International Herald Tribune, Kissinger highlights the huge impact the Bush administration has had in the cause of freedom:
Extraordinary advances of democracy have occurred in recent months: elections in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine and Palestine; local elections in Saudi Arabia; Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon; the opening up of the presidential election in Egypt, and upheavals against entrenched authoritarians in Kyrgyzstan.
Rarely have conditions seemed so fluid and the environment so malleable. This welcome trend was partly triggered by President George W. Bush's Middle East policy and accelerated by his second inaugural address, which elevated the progress of freedom in the world to the defining objective of American foreign policy....

...American exceptionalism, viewing itself as a shining city on the hill, has always insisted on representing universal values beyond the traditional dictates of national interest.
In a world of jihad, terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, President Bush in his second inaugural address put forward a challenge at once going beyond the interests of any one country and that different societies could embrace without prejudice to their own interests.
Highest recommendation for this one...

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