Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday Must-Read: Frustration at Ground Zero

I've blogged before on how inexcusable it is that we're nearly four years out from 9/11 and still nowhere near breaking ground on the proposed Freedom Tower, and submitted my own proposal for a solution. In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, an article of similar sentiments appeared. Reflecting on the pit that is Ground Zero, the article concludes:
Also missing there--and this may be the sorriest consequence of all--will be concrete signs of the ingenuity, enthusiasm and resilience of the American people. Every day that the pit remains empty, those attributes will be invisible.
Why doesn't Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, or Paul Krugman ever harp on this? Is the Times forgetful of its own back yard? This would make an excellent journalistic crusade, and relieve the rest of us from the constant rewriting of a single idea: the condemnation of religious conservatives. It's just a thought...

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